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Welcome to the Whirled Bank Confessional. Banker, borrowers and the general public -- all are welcome to make up for any sins on the path to the one true path of development, export-led growth. In keeping with the spirit of this Internet age we decided that we would make it easy for anyone to get absolution right here on the World Wide Web. That's right, no need to go to purgatory, just answer the following questions and heaven can be yours!

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*Although we suspect that one of the archangels has been selling a few names on the side, we promise that we will try not to give your name out to any junk mailers

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1. Do you want to receive information on:

Heaven Hell Both

2. Have you ever given or received a loan for natural resource exploitation?

Mining Oil and gas Timber

3. Have you ever given or received a loan for infrastructure?

Highway Dam Sewer

4. Have you ever given or received a loan for social services?

Education Health Nutrition

5.Have you ever resettled anyone to make way for a new project?

Yes? No Not Sure

6. How many people?

1000-10,000 people 10,000-100,000 people

100,000-1,000,000 people 1,000,000 or more people

7. Have you ever been resettled?

Yes No

8.Have you added unusual nutrients to the water or the air?

Yes No

9. Has anybody ever dumped unusual nutrients to the water or the air? On you or your property?

Yes No

10. Have you ever privatized an industry?

Yes No

11. How much profit did you make?


12. How many jobs did you downsize?

13. Where do you live? Describe your neighborhood:

14. How big is your house? Describe

16. Do you have a limousine?

Yes No


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US$50 (We will pray for you, promise!)

US$1,000 (We will give you a free tour of the Whirled Bank and a week's worth of prayers)

US$1,000,000 (All Right! go straight to heaven)

US$1,000,000,000 (We'll make you an archangel)

Now say the Bank's prayer three times and wait for a reply.






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