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A Mighty Fortress is our Bank
A lender never failing.
For all our riches we must thank
the endless Whirled Bank bailing.
We plant our export crops
And watch the prices drop.
But suffering we endure
So we will remain pure.
Our future is in retailing.

Our nation's borders pose no threat
To Foreign aquisition.
And we will always be in debt.
It is the Whirled Bank's mission.
Our forests were gone last May
Our soil is washed away
But help is on the way
For we've received today
A loan for irrigation.




(Reprinted with permission from the author, Andre Carothers
and with apologies to Martin Luther, author of "A Mighty Fortress is Our God".
We hope that he will understand that new gods have evolved since he wrote the hymn in 1529)


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